Today on Unlocking Your Potential by DC, we’ll be talking about the advantages that come with a machine that comes with remote control included.

Remote control on the machine unlocks the ability to move the 3 main axes (X,Y,Z) which allow you to move the bridge from front to back, movement of the blade from left to right, and the ability to raise or lower the blade. blade. In addition, it makes it possible to turn the table at 90°, 45°, or any specific angle, making the work that you want to do much easier.

Machine with control vs machine without control

When talking about a machine without remote control and a machine with remote control included, it is necessary to highlight 2 main benefits: precision and time savings. If we move to a scenario where a machine without a remote control is used, different mistakes are sometimes made due to the fact that to achieve the perfect cut the table must be turned trying to guess if that is really the angle that is needed and in If calculation errors are made, it will be necessary to start the work again, losing valuable time that could be used to carry out other types of activities.

Quite the contrary when we have a remote control machine since this will facilitate all the processes, this type of totally wireless control, without any type of cables, allows the operator to turn the table in an eighth, a quarter, or an inch. or specific angles such as 90° and 45°, so simply when the blade is on the template you turn on the automatic motor, lower the blade, and get the perfect cut.

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