In this new Increase Your Potential by DC article we will talk about the main benefits you get when you buy a machine with extended rails, which are divided into three:

  1. Time saving
  2. Material savings
  3. Meters or perfect cuts in a jumbo slab

Currently, on the market you can find machines that are characterized by being of a standard size; these count from left to right with 19 feet and from front to back a total of 16 feet. This type of machine has a limitation when it comes to cutting a jumbo slab at 45°, this problem does not allow cuts for large kitchens, having to devise ways or make forced joints to be able to deliver the requested work, since to achieve excellent finishes end it is necessary to have good machinery that can make perfect 45° cuts.

Monoblock Bridge Saw 625E

In order to solve this type of inconvenience, the Monoblock Bridge Saw 625E “Extended” machine was re-imagined thanks to the experience and years in the industry, which is characterized by including rails extended 3 feet more toward the front, allowing the bridge manages to come out more towards the front and thus cover 100% of the table frame when cutting at 45° so as not to have to push the plate backward so that the blade can cover the entire jumbo slab, thus, by not having to move the plate there is no way to lose the square and each cut made will always be a perfect cut.

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