In this new Increase Your Potential by DC article we will give you the reasons why: Why include hydraulic systems in machinery for the granite industry? and Why pneumatic systems are not reliable for our machinery.

Initially, it must be taken into account that the pneumatic systems work within an air and, on the contrary, the hydraulic systems are fed by oil.

Pneumatic vs Hydraulic

It is necessary to emphasize that pneumatic systems are not industrial-type systems, this is because to make them work a compressor is required to compress air, each time this happens a condensation is created which will begin to accumulate water and dirt residues which over time ends up leaking into the entire airline after a few uses it will eventually reach the pneumatic systems.

Once these accumulations of water and dirt are inside the pneumatic systems it will be practically impossible to clean them, this mixture will dry up inside the systems and will cause the pistons to start scratching when working, meaning losses in the mechanical strength and irreparable wear. For this reason, from DC we recommend never using pneumatic systems in machinery for the granite industry.

However, hydraulic systems are fed with oil and this makes them much more reliable than pneumatic systems since they manage to work at higher pressures. A clear example is why all types of heavy machinery such as bulldozers use hydraulic systems and it is for a simple reason; they are much more robust, which means, they get much more force to complete the requested jobs. Hydraulic pistons by nature are more resistant, also with these, there is no longer the danger of wear or breakage of these. The Monoblock Bridge Saw 625E uses only hydraulic systems, from table to 45°.

To keep in mind: if you want to buy a machine for the granite industry, remember that your best option will always be to include hydraulic systems, they are robust and the quality of work they offer is unmatched. You can learn much more about our machinery on our website or contact us to receive advice according to your needs.

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