For this new DC article Increase Your Potential we will talk about the benefits of including a fully hydraulic table in machines for the granite industry, detailing its favorable points and giving the reasons why tables of this type should always be used for their use. in the industry.


  • This type of table includes a purely hydraulic motor, which provides great benefits when making cuts, since, thanks to this, there is no need to push the table manually. When it is necessary to make turns to find specific angles, the remote control that is included is used, this gives us the possibility of moving the table to the necessary angle, saving time and the viability of offering our clients more exact works.
  • These tables are supported by two pistons of great strength and robustness that allow us to raise and lower the table, in order to achieve the degrees of inclination that we are looking for, likewise, this table can be raised from two different angles, this has a specific benefit; When small pieces are cut and they are on the other side of the table, simply turn 180° and then the table is raised, leaving all these pieces in the lower part and thus being easily unloaded.
  • This type of table can hold up to 0.7 tons, which can mean that it is the perfect table to carry out heavy work in a faster and more effective way, since by holding such an amount of weight, it unlocks the ability to hold two plates. at the same time one on top of the other by the polished part; Thus, with a 20” to 24” blade, it is possible to carry out work quickly and easily, saving a lot of time in production.
  • Developing the metallurgy of this table was one of the most challenging jobs as necessity led us to pack quite a bit of technology into it. This is made up of a hydraulic piston in one of the corners of the table, which fulfills the function of blocking the table at 90° or 45°, in the same way, two other vertically positioned pistons are responsible for blocking the table. at any specific angle, plus this table includes a hydraulic motor that allows the table to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • There is a benefit focused on the dimensions of the table, which is 139” inches by 90” inches, which allows cutting the entirety of a jumbo slab on this table.
  • Finally, we have developed a mixture of iron and steel to extend the useful life of these tables, which gives us a wonderful effect, since the machine works with water  after a certain number of uses, a layer of oxide is created on the surface. table, this layer of oxide will be superficial and will never penetrate it because this mixture of iron and steel makes it the most robust, stable, and reliable table on the market.

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