An infallible slicer. Cloto CNC Saw is a bridge type saw. It is the friendliest on the market with its intuitive handling. This means that the operator does not need to be a specialist in handling CNC.




It is a cutting machine for the manufacture of marble, granite, porcelain and natural stones in general, especially efficient in cutting counter tops, steps, floors, frame design, reductions, block designs and much more.

Competitive advantages:

This is a machine that has been designed and programmed to save energy by selectively turning off devices that are not required for work.

It is fast, precise and reliable thanks to its strong heavy duty construction, with a solid monoblock structure, and hot-dip galvanized for an additional layer of protection against oxidation, and with electrostatic painting.

Cloto CNC Saw Specifications

  • 360º head rotation and 90º tilt.
  • 5-axis numerical control cutting machine (X-Y-Z interpolated with each other and controlled C-A axes).
  • Operating Dimensions (L x W x H) 19' x 11.5' x 9.6’.
  • External control with 15” touch screen, with manual, semi-automatic and automatic operating functions.
  • Direct programming on the computer to design floors, cut steps, frames with relief work and rustic surface designs.
  • Movable joystick control for managing the X, Y, Z axes.
  • Green diode laser, mounted on the blade casing.
  • Safe design with folding front doors to lock and unlock the work area.
  • 220V triphasic power supply. Total consumption 63 Amps.
  • Rectified wood panel.