Today in Increase Your Potential by DC we will be talking about and analyzing the main benefits of the Edge Polisher Machine and why one of these machines is always necessary for every granite workshop.


  • Mechanical system: One of the main advantages of our Edge Polisher Machine is that it works with purely mechanical systems that are complemented with special rubbers for 5-head falt polish and also for bevel polish, which guarantees fine finishes that are able to draw the attention of each client.
  • Water recycling: The Edge Polisher Machine already comes with a water recycling system, which gives it an advantage compared to other types of machines that carry out the same work, making it ideal for the constant saving of this resource.
  • Without complications: This type of machine is designed so that it can be used without the need to include computers or complex electrical systems, since it works with control heads and an ammeter, which will never be misconfigured or present a major problem.


When buying a specialized machine for the granite industry, you have to make sure that it is heavy, since they constantly work with materials of considerable weight, so this will make them robust machines capable of withstanding this type of work.

This machine also accepts an average size of pieces up to 70 inches high, in width it can reach the full plate.

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