DC Industrial is proud to introduce its newest release, the ISIS 925 MAX, a granite and porcelain cutting machine designed and built to last 13-15 years. This machine has an Italian Heavy Duty iron and steel alloy design, and is the most reliable, efficient and durable on the market. Its 7.5 ton weight allows vibration-free cutting to ensure perfect 45º cuts and improve overall cut quality.


Heavy Duty Italian Design

DC Industrial is pleased to present its new release, the ISIS 925 MAX, the granite and porcelain cutting machine that is going to change the way you cut stone.

Our ISIS 925 MAX is unique in its category because it cuts granite and porcelain with the same ease, thanks to its Heavy Duty Italian design with iron and steel alloy table. But that's not all, this machine weighs 7.5 tons that allows cutting with zero vibrations, significantly improving the quality of the cut.

Monoblock Bridge Saw ISIS 925 MAX
Monoblock Bridge Saw ISIS 925 MAX


  • The most reliable, efficient and durable on the market (made and designed to last 13-15 years).
  • We are one of the few that have spare parts in stock in Miami.
  • Zero vibrations for perfect 45º cuts (Miter) and guaranteed for life.
  • Complete management of the bridge and the table from a remote control. Unique in its category.
  • Extra extended rails for quick and easy cutting of jumbo slabs in Miter.
  • High quality and resistance components (Scheider Electric brand electrical systems).
  • Includes 2 green lasers, one for a straight cut and another for a 45º cut.
  • Transport, installation and training included.
  • 4 year warranty.
  • Free lifetime technical service (videocall).


Tipe Description
Steel frame No need to build concrete walls. CE certificate.
Programming automated Automatic cut in inches
Main Motor 20 HP (220V, 3 fases)
Engine Speed Stone 1.800 rpm Porcelain 2.800 rpm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 19’x19’x10’
Total Weight 7.5 Toneladas
Production Rate 13-15 slabs per 8 hours shift.
Bevel cutting Range 0º – 50º (Triggered by Z hydraulic piston)
Mesa de corte con sistema hidráulico

We include two green lasers, one for straight cuts and one for 45º cuts, as well as transportation, installation, and training so you can use our machine from day one. We install equipment anywhere in the United States and throughout the Americas. We offer a 4-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Don't wait any longer, make stone cutting easier and more efficient with the ISIS 925 MAX from DC Industrial.

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Table Specifications

Tipe Description
Rotation 0º – 360º
Hydraulics (Stops automatically at 45°, 90! and any angle) moved by wireless remote control
Tilt 0º – 85º
Cutting Length 140 «x 140»
Blade Size 16 «- 24»
Monoblock Bridge Saw ISIS 925 MAX