In this latest Increase Your Potential by DC article we’ll take a look at some of the most important things about the Monoblock 625E, including:

  1. Total weight of the Monoblock 625E.
  2. Table, bridge, and head.
  3. Italian electrical parts.

At DC our main objective is to teach our public everything about the engineering, materials, and effort that we put into building a table that provides the best and most important benefits in the market, this is possible thanks to the fact that this type of table is The most robust of the entire market, additionally, it is qualified as the table that can withstand the most weight, with a total of 1200 pounds and also its durability extends up to 15 years because its structure is so resistant that the water will take a long time. time to deteriorate.

This table is made up of different electronic and engineering parts such as:

  • Hydraulic motor: Allows the table to turn clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Pistons on the right and left side: They allow the table to be raised and lowered.
  • Table locking piston: It has two sensors that are responsible for informing the operating system when they are in operation and when they should stop.

This type of table has 2 operating modes, which are defined in “Square” and “Manual” which will allow working with perfect angles or if the operator wishes, he can perform the movements at the angle he seeks. It should be noted that in this table all the systems are purely hydraulic, therefore they are extremely reliable for any requested cutting work.

The bridge

The bridge is one of the most important points within the Monoblock 625E because to make perfect 45° cuts it is necessary to meet certain important requirements such as its weight. In our Monoblock we have a bridge that weighs 3 tons, this allows that when cutting there is no type of vibration, which results in perfect cuts. The head of our machine allows full rotation within the Z axis, which is an advantage that not all granite cutting machines can offer. Additionally, the Monoblock 625E has a counterweight at the rear of the head which is also designed so that there is no vibration when cutting at 45°; It also features a 4 horsepower motor to move the blade from left to right.

Italian engine and electrical parts.

This is the main engine of the entire machine, which is satisfied with 20 horsepower and fully sealed and robust bearings, where it is practically impossible for water or other material to leak.

It is always important to know what type of electrical parts make up our machine, in the case of the Monoblock 625E they are from the Italian brand Schneider, from the PLC (Main Computer) to the frequency variations, a brand that has extensive experience in this type of machines which makes them the best option on the market.

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