100% innovation and technology. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology has revolutionized the stone and porcelain industry by significantly improving the precision, efficiency and versatility of the machines used in the manufacturing process.





We present our Laquesis CNC Working Center with 3 interpolated axes, ideal for working marble, granite, quartz, porcelain and natural stone in general, in projects that require drilling, milling, routing, polishing and cutting flat surfaces and edges.

Competitive Advantages:

It is a Heavy Duty type machine, with a solid monoblock structure and a hot-dip galvanizing process for an additional layer of protection against oxidation, in addition to having a layer of electrostatic paint.

This Working Center has been designed and programmed to save energy by selectively deactivating devices that are not necessary for work. It has the “MARS” software, designed by our engineers to make the operations and use of the machine simple and friendly for any type of operator and for the elaboration of complex profiling, reductions, True Type text engraving and import DXF drawings for easy integration with other programs.

Specifications of Laquesis CNC Working Center

  • Dimensions in operation: (L x W x H) 19’ x 10’ x 8’.
  • Weight: 3,900 kg.
  • External control knob dimensions (L x W x H) 31”x 22” x 67”. Weight 50 kg.
  • 220V triphasic power supply, total consumption of 35 amps.
  • Includes 24 automatic change tools to start working the day of installation.
  • Electro-chuck of 20 HP with oblique bearings to firmly secure the coupling of the tool.
  • External control knob with special IP54 sealing so that dust and water do not enter.
  • Point laser pointer to convert a physical template to digital.
  • Control knob for movement on the X,Y,Z axes.

External control box