In this new DC Increase Your Potential article, we will talk about the maintenance of our machine for the granite industry, more specifically the Monoblock Bridge Saw, in which there are three important maintenance points:

  1. machine oiling
  2. dust cleaning
  3. Water solenoid valve cleaning


Before starting, it is important to emphasize that there are different types of machines for the granite industry on the market, however, not all of these references allow greasing, which has a purpose, which is based on making the consumer buy the necessary spare parts. to the factory; Something very beneficial that the DC Monoblock Bridge Saw has is that this machine is 100% greasable, which allows us to carry out proper maintenance.

We recommend performing maintenance on the machine at least once a month, which will allow us to function correctly and achieve a useful life of the machine for more than 15 years.

In order to find the lubrication points of the table, it must be raised at 90° degrees, there we will find the 5 important points that are: the piston and the hinge; on the left side, piston and hinge; on the right side, and finally the piston that locks the table at 90°. In the bridge, there are 3 bearings that must be greased, in the initial part, the middle of the bridge and in the end, in the head, there are 6 grease points, at 45°, and the pistons of the Z axis. It is very important to Keep in mind that black fat should never be used since it cakes and creates solid lumps that are not favorable in any of the cases.

Dust cleaning

Cleaning the electrical parts is a large part of the maintenance that must be carried out on the machine, because it is very common for dust to accumulate in the electrical and electronic parts of the machine, causing it to end up damaged over time. the machine, because all this accumulation will cause overheating, dangerously influencing heat dissipation.

Cleaning requires an air hose connected to the compressor, (The compressor will release water, so it is important to blow with the hose a foot or two away) Each electrical and electronic part should be blown from the bottom up, while the same as the base since all the accumulated dust will rest there.

Water solenoid valve cleaning

This type of machinery is used for the granite industry, so it is very common for the dust to clog the water solenoid valve, for this reason, the solenoid valve should be cleaned once a week. This process is very fast and simple, simply with a screwdriver the hinges that hold the solenoid valve are released and the hose is removed, afterwards clean water must be injected for 10 seconds once a week, with this it will be kept clean and the machine work will always be optimal.

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