Today in this new Increase Your Potential by DC blog, we will talk about the main functions and recommendations of the hydraulic table in the Monoblock Bridge Saw 625E, in three parts:

1.Modo Manual

2.Modo Escuadra


Initially you can find the controls on the main control or on the remote control of the Monoblock Bridge Saw 625E, then we will explain the two modes of operation:

Manual Mode:

If we want to turn our table, we can adjust it manually from the remote control or the main control that has 6 buttons that will allow us to turn in both directions, in the same way they will allow us to go up and down, select between manual or square mode and finally you will find the release button. When operating in manual mode, two pistons will be activated that will allow us to raise or lower the table according to our needs and leave the table ready for the cuts.

Squad Mode:

Activating this mode immediately unlocks the table, rotates 90 degrees and makes it ready to cut from side to side, all with highly reliable hydraulics. If the manual mode is activated and you want to move a little and return it to square mode, we can go to the switch, we change to square mode, we give it a turn or push to one of the two sides and the table will immediately be in square mode.


Every time an operation or cleaning of the table is to be carried out, it is important to activate the emergency stop, which will allow us to carry out our processes in the safest way possible.

The release mode is activated by turning the red button on the main control in any of its directions and it automatically comes out.

The table flaps are 4 in total, 2 on the right side and 2 on the left side, these allow us to have comfort when turning and make an easy download, especially with small cut pieces. Vertically, the table can be adjusted to the famous 45° angle to obtain incredible finishes.

With DC Potential you find high-quality processes.

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