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Heavy Duty Equipment

The best heavy duty machines in the granite and porcelain industry

Semi-Automatic Machines


Cortadora Monobloque de Granito y Porcelana

  • Made and designed to last 13-15 years.
  • Zero vibrations for perfect 45º cuts (Miter) and guaranteed for life.
  • Complete management of the bridge and the table from a remote control.
  • Extra extended rails for quick and easy cutting of jumbo slabs in Miter.
  • High quality and resistance components (Scheider Electric brand).
  • Includes 2 green lasers, one for a straight cut and the other for a 45º cut.


Máquina Pulidora de Granito y Porcelana

  • Space saving with a 30' x 5' foot, the most compact and heaviest in its category.
  • Water recycling system included, no need for clean water.
  • Does not require air connections.
  • 100% mechanical and reliable, heavy duty type.
  • Intuitive use, completely friendly.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Polish the bedel as if it were handmade, the pieces come out 100% ready to be installed without the need for retouching.


Compresora de Aire de Tornillo Silencioso

  • Siemens electrical parts.
  • Low noise levels.
  • Display with maintenance alarms based on working hours.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • We have technicians who will guide you step by step so that you carry out the proper maintenance.
  • Average savings per year of service = $7k.


Sistema ecológico para el reciclado de agua

  • Equipped with 4 plates, unique in its style.
  • Pressurized pump included to maintain the pressure of the clarified water.
  • Intuitive touch screen with automatic daily work cycles.
  • 100% Italian design, engineering and materials.
  • Significantly reduces water consumption, saves on costs and contributes to caring for the environment.

Extended Support

By purchasing one of our machines for the stone cutting industry, you will be receiving benefits such as:

Lifetime remote support

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Industry specialized personnel

Spare parts available

Satisfaction guarantee

Free continuous training

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