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The best cost-benefit in the industry

Video Call Services

Our team of experts are able to help and guide you through a video call and resolve any situation from the machinery, include repairs, installation of parts or simply configuration and operation.

Machinery transport

We offer the move and transport services of your machinery.

Servicio y mantenimiento de maquinaria

DC es una compañía que cuenta con la experiencia necesaria para realizar la reparación de maquinaria rota o dañada, prestamos servicio para todo tipo de marcas, sierras de puente y equipos industriales

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Our Process

This is how we work

All our customers are substantial  and at DC Industrial Equipment , We want to demonstrate and  provide personalized support in the purchase, delivery, and the installation of your machine

Technical and financial advice

We will help you in selecting the best machine suitable for you and to understand the benefits and functionalities that differentiate us from others.

Sale and accompaniment

Once you have selected the machine, you will learn of the payment fees and delivery options for your product.

Transport and installation

We will deliver your machine to the agreed point. Upon installation, You will receive training and maintenance advice and ensure you of the functional machine, for over 15 years.