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  • Monoblock bridge saw for marble granite stones
  • Monoblock bridge saw 625 for cutting granite marble stones.
  • A strong bridge saw widely used in trimming and fabricating slab, tile, counter tops, etc.
  • It is able to cut 3200 mm length and 2000 mm width and 100 mm thick (126”×78”×4”).
  • The laser guide and sensors provide high accuracy for the machining tolerance.
  • The blade travels along the beam and is able to turn 90 degree automatically to make square cut.
  • The table tilts 0 – 85 degree hydraulic for easy load of the material.
  • This saw is computer control and able to program for up to 99 repeat cuts automatically and also capable of manual operation.
  • The mechanical body is made of very strong cast iron for stability and long lifetime. It also provides covered oil bath for the movements of bridge rails.
  • All the functions are achieved from the control panel that make it very user friendly.


  • Steel Frame:No need to build concrete walls CE certificate
  • Main Motor: Direct Drive – 20 HP (220V 3 phase)
  • Engine Speed: 1450 RPM
  • Production Rate: 10’ in (1 1/4” granite) in less than 60 seconds
  • Cutting Thickness: 4”-7” (auto cut computerized) Step Cutting
  • Over all dimensions (LxWxH): 19′ x 19′ x 9,5′
  • Blade Tilt: 0 – 45° (Hydraulic)
  • Blade Size: 16” – 24”
  • Features: Programmable functions microcomputer controlled, Laser guide, Wireless remote control, cool touch screen (LCD) Control Panel, standard machine parts available all over the world (we do have them locally for our customers)
  • Water : With auto. stop 4 Gal/min

Table specifications

  • Table Turn/Tilt: Powered tilting 85°
  • Power rotating 0° – 360°
  • Hydraulic (Automatic Stopping at 45° ,90°)
  • Cut Length: 139” x 90”